About Healthy Parenting

Healthy parenting promotes happy, healthy and resilient families. We focus on the direct needs and questions of parents.

We believe in collaboration. Collaboration with you, but also collaboration with your general practitioner, public health authorities, the consultation bureau, your employer and/or local government authorities. However, we will only engage them at your request or when given explicit permission.

 Together with other health professionals, we offer a complete set of services. In a friendly location and in a relaxed and responsible way. We support and include your family in promoting family health and happiness. We always work together, offering care to prevent disease and illness.

We feel the need and responsibility to help you build a sustainable and healthy future generation.

All our digital consultations, information exchange and online interactions take place in a safe and secured environment. At Healthy Parenting, you are in charge of your own records.

Healthy parenting ‘For a better U’