Our “start relaxed” program supports you in areas where you need help. For example, by coaching in combination with extra maternity care for a number of hours per week. Giving you a little more time to recuperate, ask questions and get used to your new routines.


Our “quit smoking” program helps fathers and mothers stop smoking. Before, during or after your pregnancy. The quit smoking program is covered through your basic insurance.

SlEEp coaching

Sleep Coaching supports you and your partner in returning to a high quality sleep cycle. Or with teaching you useful bedtime routines for your children, without the endless crying. Healthy sleeping habits are important to your overall health.


Are you overweight? Are you a new mom (or dad)? Do you lack daily routine and do you no longer recognize your own body? Are you noticing hormonal changes in your eating habits? Do you feel uncomfortable in your own skin or are you insecure about your looks? Healthy eating and exercise are often the first casualties. You want to change this, but where do you start?

lIFESTYLE program

Did you recently move to The Netherlands and don’t feel fit, or are you lacking energy? Are you overweight, don’t have enough personal time or have trouble sleeping? Always busy with work, children or social obligations? Healthy eating and exercise are often the first to go. You want to feel active, healthy and happy with yourself, but where do you start?

lIFESTYLE program

Are you pregnant or trying to conceive and are you overweight? You may want to start or continue your pregnancy in the healthiest way possible to prevent or reduce risk of complications. You know that making healthy choices is important to you, but also to your (future) family. You want the best for your baby, but where do you start?


A creative workshop where designers make novel connections between food and health. Together with food and health professionals we create these cross-overs. And translate that to innovative products and concepts that promote the importance of healthy food habits.


Chocobombes are pralines designed for pregnant women, and are filled with a healthy message. The fillings in these pralines are carefully balanced to provide nutrients important for a healthy pregnancy.

Workshops & activities

Our workshops will surprise and inspire you. We believe and will demonstrate that healthy eating can be easy, tasteful and affordable at the same time.

Learn and experience how food can help your health, in ways you had not considered before. 

Preparing for pregnancy

As a future parent, you want nothing but the best for your baby. This starts with a healthy body and mind in both parents. Preparing for Pregnancy helps you start your pregnancy in the best possible way. Health Checks en lab tests are possible as well.

Preparing for parenting

Preparing for Parenting helps you prepare for one of the most important tasks there is: raising your child(ren). A wonderful experience, which will turn your life upside down, in both positive and negative ways. How do you deal with these challenges in the best way possible, and what approaches work best for you

Expat & Spouse

Expat & Spouse offers guidance and support for expats in their new living and working environment. Whether it's a wish to become pregnant, a pregnancy or just raising your family in your home away from home.