As a future parent, you want nothing but the best for your baby. This starts with a healthy body and mind in both parents. Preparing for Pregnancy helps you start your pregnancy in the best possible way.
For whom?
For parents wanting to start a pregnancy in the healthiest way possible. And for parents wishing to eliminate any possible problems ahead of time.
To encourage a healthy pregnancy and prevent potential problems in the future, we run a health scan and explain what you can do to start a pregnancy in the best way possible. This applies to both mother and father, as both play a role in conception. Together with you, we devise a personalized approach to position you for the best possible start.


Preparing for Parenting helps you prepare for one of the most important tasks there is: raising your child(ren). A wonderful experience, which will turn your life upside down, in both positive and negative ways. How do you deal with these challenges in the best way possible, and what approaches work best for you?
For whom?
For (new) parents and guardians who want to ensure and secure their personal happiness, health and family relationships in the busy future that awaits them.
In a fun and informal way, we will investigate what values truly matter to you. We use the Healthy Parenting methodology to see what you need, what you still need to learn, or who you can best involve. If you are already parenting but would like support, we can offer it in an open, coaching-like manner.


Expat & Spouse offers guidance and support for expats in their new living and working environment. Wether it's a wish to become pregnant, a pregnancy or just raising your family in your home away from home.
For whom?
For expats and/or spouses that would like support during the significant changes and challenges brought by life and work in a new country.
We offer coaching en support for expats, spouses (and their employers) that want to achieve the healthiest and happiest life possible in their new work and living environment. No one wants to see a premature ending to their expat adventure.


Besides our regular offerings, we also offer individual coaching sessions or practical support (both maternity care or pedagogical assistance). Contact us to discuss your needs.