Chocobombes are pralines designed for pregnant women, and are filled with a healthy message. The fillings in these pralines are carefully balanced to provide nutrients important for a healthy pregnancy.

A pregnancy consists of 40 weeks, divided into three trimesters. Each trimester comes with its own specific developments. For each trimester we offer a gift box with 3 pralines, filled with nutrients to support that particular phase of the pregnancy.

The pralines' fillings offer existing combinations between flavors. Apart from the matching combinations of color and taste, they also include synergies between the two different nutrients present.

For example, the first trimester praline includes a spinach and orange filling. The folic acid in the spinach decreases the chance of birth defects, while the vitamin c from the orange increases the body's absorption of folic acid.

Disclaimer: Chocobombes are not a substitute for a varied daily food intake or nutritional supplements.


Chocobombes came out of a collaboration between the design academy and the Máxima Medisch Centrum (MMC) hospital. During Naomi Jansen's final project at the Design Academy in Eindhoven the MMC was her project sponsor. The initial assignment from the maternity center at the MMC was to create a design that adds a positive contribution to a pregnancy related theme.

As food plays and important role in this period, Naomi started designing a product that motivates pregnant women to adhere to healthy daily eating habits. The knowledge of gynecologists and food specialists at the MMC played an important role in designing this concept.

Chocobombes increase awareness of the importance of healthy eating habits during pregnancy. Chocobombes are not a substitute for a varied daily food intake or nutritional supplements. During her final project, Naomi challenged the Pastryclub to further build out her concept, pralines for pregnant women. This has resulted in a beautiful collaboration. The recipes of Chocobombes was developed in combination with chocolatier Jurgen Koens of the Pastryclub.

Are you interested in a workshop, or a healthy gender reveal party that involve Chocobombes? When ordering more than 50 boxes at a time, please contact Naomi at
The Chocobombes are also for sale at our practice in Son at € 9,95 per box of 3.