Allow parents to be the best version of themselves, in both their personal and professional environments.

'Healthy Parenting' for a better U


Take control
We believe that every parent is allowed to be the best version of themselves in their personal and professional environments. Taking control implies awareness of habits. Setting goals and increasing ones self-reliance help as well. To realize this, good health habits are essential. We believe that absorbing, understanding and applying knowledge in mental, physical and emotional health domains is the basis for building resilient, happy and healthy families.

Health skills
Our current society does not always teach health skills. Information around food, exercise and behavior is often inconsistent and causes confusion. If you lack skills and knowledge to make healthy choices for you and your family, you become insecure which decreases your self-reliance. We see the family playing an essential role, and strongly believe in the importance of healthy habits, trust and self-management for mothers and fathers. Because they are laying the foundation for a healthy future generation.

Daily habits
Together we investigate daily life and work habits to help you reach your personal and family goals. We do this by also involving your environment. Together with family, your local council and/or employer we explain, train and apply new and healthy habits. Learning to cope with relapse plays and important role as well. These activities help anchor and sustain behavioral change inside the social environment, allowing the parent to be the best version of themselves.


We are committed to make a positive contribution to healthy, happy and resilient families. Central to that goal are the needs of parents and the interest of the family.

Our goal is to promote health, well being and the prevention of disease. We feel responsible for building a healthy future generation.
WHY: A healthy future generation.

HOW: Encourage healthy habits in a positive way.

WHAT: Coaching, training, support, workshops and lectures for parents, families, employers, health care professionals and local councils.