Quit Smoking COACHING

Start Relaxed

Our “start relaxed” program supports you in areas where you need help. For example, by coaching in combination with extra maternity care for a number of hours per week. Giving you a little more time to recuperate, ask questions and get used to your new routines.
For whom?
For parents and guardians that need to engage extra help and support in the first six months after delivery. Or as a gift idea from grandparents of course.
Healthy Parenting provides different ways of supporting you and your partner to allow for a relaxed start. Extra maternity care can be a luxury for some, but critically needed for others. For example, imagine your partner has to recommence work or your grandparents can no longer stay to help. But you still need the support they provided. In our ‘start relaxed’ start package we work together to define the solution that is exactly right for you.

Quit Smoking

Our “quit smoking” program helps fathers and mothers stop smoking. Before, during or after your pregnancy. The quit smoking program is covered through your basic insurance.
For whom?
For parents that need support and/or coaching to quit smoking.
Healthy Parenting offers a variety of coaching methods to help you stop smoking. You have a range of choice and we will together work towards a solution that fits your situation best.

Sleep Coaching

Sleep Coaching supports you and your partner in returning to a high quality sleep cycle. Or with teaching you useful bedtime routines for your children, without the endless crying. Healthy sleeping habits are important to your overall health.
For whom?
For parents and guardians of children aged 4 months to 12 years.

For children aged 12-18 we will work together to create a personalized program.
Healthy Parenting offers different packages as well as tailored programs for Sleep Coaching. You have a range of choice and together we work towards a solution that fits your situation best.


Besides our regular offerings, we also offer individual coaching sessions or practical support (both maternity care or pedagogical assistance). Contact us to discuss your needs.