Quit Smoking

Quitting smoking is important: For your own health, as well as for the health of the people around you. If you are trying to conceive, if you are pregnant or if you have a young family, smoking is a habit you can definitely do without. Smoking damages your body. Maybe you don’t notice this immediately and therefore it seems harmless. Unfortunately it isn’t. 91% of people suffering from lung cancer are or have been active smokers.

Yet, you smoke for a reason. Out of habit, because you like it, or because smoking makes you feel relaxed. We know that changing any habit can be hard. And if quitting smoking were easy, you would not need help.

At Healthy Parenting we work with you to support you and (optionally) your partner with quitting smoking. Without judgment and without the well-meant advice you have heard before, but by supporting you in your priorities.

Quit Smoking

Extensive intervention program with a personal coach:

Personal intake (50 mins) at our practice or through a (web) call.
Determine and map out your goals.

Create an extensive evaluation of your challenges.

First session (40 mins). We discuss advantages and disadvantages of smoking and quitting smoking. We investigate potentially difficult moments and pick a quit date.

Second session (40 mins). We discuss preparing for and maintaining your goals. We also talk about potential medication to assist you.

Third session (40 mins). We discuss the results of the first weeks and how you have dealt with any difficult situations and/or lapses.
Fourth session (40 mins). We reflect on the effects of quitting smoking on you and your environment. We also investigate how you can best maintain your newly changed habit.
For a 12 month period, we offer the possibility to use our online office hours once every two weeks.

During the first year, you receive a quarterly email from your personal coach, with useful information about quitting smoking.

Evaluation and conclusion of coaching.

€ 0,-

Quit smoking coaching is fully covered through basic insurance.
Intake and sessions can be held at a location of choice (e.g. home or work) on request. Travel time and distance will be billed separately.*
* Travel time is €25,- per hour, distance at €0.50 per kilometer measured from Valkenswaard