Healthy Parenting

House of parenting promotes happy, healthy and resilient families. Our focus is on needs and questions of parents.

We believe in collaboration. Collaboration with you, but also your primary care provider, public health authorities, the “consultatiebureau”, your employer or local government. We only engage with them at your request and with your permission.
Anne-Marie is a nurse and registered lifestyle coach.

Contact Anne-Marie for lifestyle programs.

Anne-Marie is the focal for partnerships, collaboration, entrepreneurs, health care providers and local councils.

BIG registration 29921116630
AGB 91100438 

BLCN L0233
AGB 90107750 (Leefstijlcoach)
KABIZ 18104758084
Maaike is a social and childcare worker and registered lifstyle coach.

Contact Maaike for coaching, the expat & wellcare programs or individual coaching consultations.

AGB 90067855

BLCN L0562
AGB 90108781 (Leefstijlcoach)
KABIZ 18105357884


We work evidence based, and provide quality and tailored services.
Positive and personal approach.
Work towards sustainable results in a concrete and goal driven manner. 
We make working on healthy habits fun!
We connect and collaborate.
We are a family friendly firm and enjoy what we do!
Do you recognize yourself in our values and think we should add you to our team?

Are you, or are you training to be a lifestyle coach, maternity care provider, registered nurse or (para)medic with a BIG registration and is your quality registration up to date?

We look forward to your application!